Karel Křemel Photography

Valley of Shadow

Before you start reading this article or looking at the photographs, I would recommend you to play some appropriate music – which goes on through all of this larp. A long awaited experimental larp about dance has finally arrived. No, this time it isn’t about tango argentino, it’s about blues – they went in a different direction and used the dance in a different way. The game is divided into scenes, almost like in a “jeep” (the so called Czech […]

International Legion 2017

It’s true; international larpers are coming to the Czech Republic in large quantities. We’re able to run a larp for international audience, and not just one time; that’s how much we are in demand. In this case I’m speaking about the second international run of Legion. There was also another one – the international Relentless run a week later. I don’t have any official information about how many more players are waiting for the opportunity to live through our Siberian […]

Mir 2: Mother Magdalena’s Fair

Witchcraft, fate, riches, power… that and more could be found in this Polish larp. I’m sure, I’ve missed a lot – no matter that it was a foreigner-friendly larp, there still were some language barriers. Therefore, I won’t speak much about the game – my photographs should speak instead. Anyway, I’m not saying that the language barrier (OK, I did understand about every seventh or eighth word) harmed the game. I did know in advance, that this game would be […]

The Battle of the Five Armies

It was a very long time between my visit to Battle of the Five Armies 2015 and the last one I’ve visited before. If I remember correctly I was 1999. It would be a very, very long list of things that changed in the meantime, and there is no need for that. But I will point out one of them – in the last century we were wearing jeans, white t-shirts and were having camouflage canvases as cloaks – yep […]

Hail at Lipany

Not only did a few dozen swordsmen decide to go on a rampage at this year’s Battle of Lipany, but also the weather decided to be crazy. It has begun with really hot summer temperatures, when almost everyone tried to stay in shades and drink a lot of fluids. But that wasn’t enough; exactly when the battle was supposed to start the heavens opened and a couple tons of water and even hail fell on us. Almost two thirds of […]

Drawn by Light & Kew Gardens

Towards the end of 2014 I found out that there is a photography exhibition in London called Drawn by Light based on The Royal Photographic Societycollection. Considering what I knew of the collection’s content, I just needed to see it, I simply couldn’t resist. So I tried to ask around to find someone who is also planning to go to London and I found out that Ettelwen really needed to see the orchids in Kew Gardens. Flowers aren’t exactly my […]

Azeroth 2016

If I told you that I went to photograph Azeroth because of the World of Warcraft movie, I would be lying. But I’m not so sure it’s true for all of the players there, as I believe the movie influenced some of them. After all, I remember how the first Lord of the Rings movie influenced the number of participants of all the Middle-earth themed larps/battles. No, I went there because it was fun last year, I’ve seen a lot […]

Twilight of the Gods, part one

The first part of the Changeling larp Twilight of the Gods (Soumrak bohů) took place just a few days ago at a castle in Rosice. The second part (big finish) will be taking place this weekend, but as I’ll be on be on Azeroth (World of Warcraft larp), documenting that part will be someone else’s job. Said that, these photographs are from intro; just an introduction, no crisis. I won’t say much about the game, because the game didn’t finish […]

Twenty-fifth Battle of Libušín

A quarter of a century is a long time. An annual event that lasts for that long is probably worth it; and I dare to say it is indeed true. The twenty-fifth Battle of Libušín was worth it. I’ve seen the last five of them and I believe this one was not only the biggest but also the most spectacular and with the best pyrotechnical effects I’ve ever seen at a historical festival. But nothing is perfect and neither was […]

The Last Voyage of the Demeter

And again I’ve managed to be a photographer at a blockbuster larp abroad. But this time it wasn’t in Poland (like Geas and Fairweather Manor), but at the Baltic Sea, somewhere between Denmark and Germany. I’ve heard about Demeter at the Danish Knudepunkt 2015 for the first time. The only things I managed to remember was – it would be on a ship and everyone would die. My memory isn’t the best, but I was able to add that the Demeter […]